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Oliver Centre Philosophy

Oliver Centre promotes children's experience of safe and caring environments where their emotional and physical health, positively self identifies a sense of belonging. Children should have open and flexible environments where playful exploration, problem solving and creativity are encouraged and purposely planned. Environments will reflect a sense of belonging where children feel nurtured and supported. Children's environments will be a place where their communicative practices, literacy, and literate identities are valued and supported.

Play is integral to children's learning and richly formative in their capacity for relationship. Oliver Centre believes that play must be accorded a key place in the lives of young children. Play is essential to quality of life in childhood and a primary means of understanding the world.

Oliver Centre believes that children are confident, active learners whose learning, growth, and development are profoundly influenced by the quality of their relationships with people and their interactions with places and things.

Our Vision
Oliver Centre's vision will be the realization of children and their families developing multiple strengths that will make the family unit more successful.

Our Mission
Our Mission as a Child and Family Resource Program is to enhance healthy development in children and to support and strengthen families.

To provide children with a learning environment that will enhance their development, and prepare them for a more successful entry into school and community.

To address possible emotional, social, and behavioural difficulties in children through the provision of early identification and intervention strategies.

To provide the resources, supports, and prevention interventions to families, thereby enabling the parents to build secure relationships and to enhance parenting skills.

"You must be the change you wish to see in the world." -Gandhi


Board Calendar

The Oliver Centre Board has created a new calendar to keep member families informed of the board's meetings. Click here to view the calendar.

News & Events

  • Careers with Oliver Centre

    We are currently hiring two Community Outreach Workers one temporary full time and one full time maternity leave coverage at our Full Day Head Start Program. If you are interested in either position please send your resume to sue@olivercentre.com

  • Oliver Board Recognition

    Oliver Centre is a program that has been in the Oliver neighborhood for over thirty years. Through the years it has been established as a centre that takes pride in the development of children. All of the staff who work in the classroom comes to the program with a degree or diploma in education. This ensures that your children will be inspired through play. They will become explorers, investigators, make great friendships, and learn to become independent thinkers. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the amazing staff that work with your children. They are the reason Oliver Centre is a well known, well recognized centre for early learning.